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Everyone has questions that they would like answered. But at times they are afraid to ask for fear of looking or sounding stupid. So we have asked and provided answers to some of those questions...

  • Ouch! My lower back always seems to hurt... How do I stop that?
    A lot of lower back pain comes about as a result of a weak core, poor posture and/or over active muscle groups. Book in your initial consultation with one of our specialists to learn more.
  • How much water should I be drinking?
    The body gains and loses around 2500ml per day through various functions and processes. On average the body needs 2 litres of water per day to function optimally, but exercise levels, humidity and an individual’s body conditions will determine the required levels needed.
  • I need to lose weight before my holidays... where do I start? Help?!
    Well it is important to identify a few things about the goal first and make some alterations in your physical training, your diet and your day to day life. Come on down to the clinic and we can definitely help you out!
  • What do I need to eat and how often should I exercise to stay healthy?
    There is no definitive answer to either... it all depends on what you want to achieve with regards to your personal health and wellbeing. The best answer is to book in for a consultation with our specialists to help you along your journey.
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