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I was pain free and back in the gym far quicker than if I hadn’t seen him, but also with the knowledge of how to avoid the issue happening again. Would highly recommend!

—  Tom Overbury



“No injury is ever the same”


There will always be something different for each individual as we are all made up differently. We don’t all have the same knees, hips or ankles or the same fitness goals or partake in the same physical activities. So why should we be rehabilitated the same? Why should we be trained the same?


Specifeye Health & Wellbeing focuses on the individual and what they require. We carry out in depth assessments and screenings to find out what the best route forward is. With over 8 years of experience, our staff are knowledgeable and specific in their approach to each client. Situated 5 minutes away from Clapham Junction train station, our clinic is accessible to all. However we do also offer home visits for those who are physically unable to make it to us. Areas of expertise include, but are not exclusive to:

Sports Massage

Personal Training

Injury Prevention

Weight Management

Exercise Programming


Gait Analysis

Diet Planning

Manual Therapy

Goal Setting


The most important part of your journey is ensuring clear goals are put in place. During this time we will identify what specifically you want to achieve as well as the r...
Initial Consultation
1 hr
Receive high quality, practical treatment sessions for your injury. Methods of treatment can include manual therapy, massage, trigger pointing, exercise prescription, joi...
Treatment Sessions
1 hr
You will be constantly supported and educated by our specialist trainers throughout your journey. Based on the training programme constructed after your initial consultat...
Training Sessions
1 hr


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